Nov 2

Latest News on Movies and Series 02-11-2019


Edited: Nov 2

Hello everyone, today I have great news. We are finally able to add new movies and series.

We have added a total today of 126 new movies. We tried adding series and did add a few

but we are having a problem on the series actually showing on your apps the latest series added. So we decided to stop adding the series since none of you would know what was actually added since it would not show latest added first.

For the movies yes, the movies we have added so far....and many to come will show up in first place as the latest added. Cheers.

You are definitely the best provider ever. I am really happy I switched to your services. Thank you so much


New Posts
  • Great news folks, we have been updating the channels that where down and are going from Country to Country each channel at a time. We are finally able to fix channels! So stay tuned if your favorite channel was down, it will be up! We solved the problem on fixing channels so that is a very,very big step in my book! We thank you all for your patience and understanding. I am very grateful to be so lucky to have the subscribers that I have. Thank you.
  • Good morning friends, Good news today! We are finaly able to start fixing the channel issues and are able to renew subscribers today! This is a working progress so please stay patient if your service goes down due to migrating you all from the old panel to the new panel! Thank you.
  • First I would like to thank everyone for there patience. I would like to inform that we have 80% if the coding done for the new panel. We are hoping to have it done by tomorrow evening if all goes well. The panel is used for adding and renewing subscriptions and also for coding/fixing channels. Of course after the panel is ready, we will be needing to code each channel that is down individually by channel, not by Country. Please keep that in mind. The channels that have gone down will need to be found again and coded. We are working as hard as we can to get the service up and running 100% again. Again we appreciate your patience but would like to ask for a little more...we are almost there and only 6 days have gone since we started to have to do this. Thank you.


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